1. Kings Rent A Car (Pvt) Ltd hereinafter referred to as “KRCS” which term or expression as herein used shall where the context so requires mean and include the said Kings Rent A Car (Private) Limited, its successor and permitted assigns) and the user of the vehicles hereinafter referred to as “The Hirer” shall mean the Person/Organisation who will be making lawful use of the vehicle during the stipulated rental period and the very same person who shall make the relevant rental payment and rental deposit.
  2. The vehicle will be given valet & on an empty fuel tank (10 liters of fuel), the Hirer shall supply fuel as required by the said vehicle and hand over the car in the same valet condition and the same level of fuel. KRCS will not re-fund any excess fuel prevailing at the time of returning the car. If the vehicle is found to be in an untidy condition the operator will charge a vehicle cleaning fee of US$ 10.00 from the user.
  3. The Hirer shall not permit any other person(s) who is not stated in advance on the contract and who is not a holder of a valid driving license (valid for a minimum of 03 years) to drive the said vehicle. Damages arising to the vehicle as a consequence of this will be borne by the Hirer. Additional pre-designated drivers must be stated prior to commencement of hire
  4. The Hirer is responsible for all accident repairs not covered under Insurance Irrespective of whose fault it may be – CDW / LDW / Excluded Insurance (E.I) / Excess Liability on Insurance which will be the Refundable Deposit. If the damages exceed the value of the E.I an insurance claim will be made where the E.I will be deducted from the Hirer and the balance to be recovered by insurance. The rental is payable for such a period and any substitute vehicle will be provided for at no additional amount within an Eight (8) hour period (time may vary for Outstation break downs). All repairs will be carried out by KRCS.
  5. KRCS will carry out all repairs other than Tyre puncher repair costs and general vehicle up-keep costs while in the custody of the user. In the event where KRCS assistance in not possible the Hirer could carry out the repair (minor only) at a garage convenient to him/her following Operator’s approval. Any such costs will be refunded to the Hirer upon submission of Original Cost Bills
  6. In the event of Damages (Police Report NOT Obtained) and/or Mechanical repair due to negligence on the part of the Hirer, KRCS has the right to forfeit the Refundable Deposit taken. If the cost of the damage and/or repair is greater than the Refundable Deposit, the balance will be recovered by the Hirer. No rental refund will be given to the Hirer in this instance.
  7. In the event the Hirer requires an extension of the Rental Period, he/she should notify the Operator within Three (3) days before the expiry of the Agreement. With reference to early termination rental refund is given where the rental is calculated on a daily rental tariff. Hirer is requested to specifically state the correct date & time of handing over the vehicle. Working hours are 8.00 am to 5.00 pm on week days & 8.00 am to 1.00 pm on Saturdays. Office is closed on Sundays & Mercantile Holidays. The said car will be charged until the vehicle is checked in the KRCS yard during business hours. Every hour delayed will be charged additionally. Late returns after business hours must be notified to KRCS and authorization obtained.
    Should the car be not returned on the stipulated date (subject to extensions) the Hirer will be deemed to have STOLEN the same and KRCS will take steps to regain possession of the vehicle including Police action , Immigration Control & Island wide circulation of personal details with Photographs
  8. The Hirer shall confirm to the Laws & Regulations of Sri Lanka pertaining to the use of the vehicle and The Hirer will be liable for any violation of the same. The Hirer must at all times take due care for the safeguard & general upkeep of the vehicle.
  9. While the vehicle is in the possession of the Hirer, KRCS is entitled to send a representative to check the vehicle mileage and general condition.
  10. If in the event the vehicle is delivered to the Hirer, the starting mileage reading will be the KRCS garage reading.
  11. The Hirer shall return the vehicle in the same condition as at the time of taking the vehicle except for normal wear and tare.
  12. The vehicle cannot be used for the puposes of re-hiring/renting, shared ride services, taxi services, driver learning purposes, towing, motor sport & speed tests, demonstrations, advertising or any other commercial activity, safari purposes & any other illegal purposes. Further the vehicle will NOT be used for transportation of any items specifed by legal authorities, construction/industrial material, toxic and non toxic waste material, raw meats or any non passenger items.
  13. The user is entitled for a rental / deposit refund if he/she is not content with the vehicle the time of collection subject to a days rental deduction.
  14. The following items are prohibited from transporting – Narcotics & other illegal substances, firearms & other prohibitted items by the Ministry of Defense (MOD), PETS, Raw Meat/Fish, Durian Fruit, Construction Material.
  15. Rental tariffs are subject to change without prior notice
  16. In the Event of an Accident the following procedure should be adhered to:
    • The Hirer should inform the nearest police station and the Insurer and take all necessary legal steps, which is required by the Motor Traffic Act of Sri Lanka. There after the Hirer should notify KRCS of the accident.
    • The Hirer shall bear the cost of towing the vehicle to a garage nominated by KRCS.
    • The Hirer shall endorse by signing all documents to enable KRCS to obtain all claims from the outcome of the accident.
  17. KRCS shall not be liable to indemnify the Hirer against any loss, injury or damage sustained by any accident &/or by any third party consequent to the use of the vehicle during the period &/or consequent to any defect in the vehicle.
    All claims will be directed towards insurance as the vehicles are comprehensively insured inclusive of Rent-A-Car cover. All vehicles will have limited liability insurance with regard to Personal Injury. Hirer is advised to obtain additional insurance cover upon him/her self & passengers on their own accord.
  18. The hirer shall by accepting delivery of the vehicle be deemed to have satisfied hem/her self that the vehicle is in good order.
  19. Driver Requirements

    The renter and the driver must possess a valid driving licence for at least 3 years & be between the ages of 21 to 75 years old
    These documents/cards must be presented when collecting the vehicle:
    • A credit card (Not Debit Card). The card must be in the name of the driver(s).
    • A passport or valid identity card is mandatory for all customers and must be the same as the credit card details
    • A valid local or International Driving Permit (IDP). IDPs will require SL Automobile Association (FIAA Representative) to endorse the said IDP
  20. Change / Cancellation of booking reservation

    Changing a booking
    A booking can be changed up to 48 hours before the start of the rental (on availability) in return for an alteration charge of USD 10.00. Any payment already made towards the rental will not be refunded; nor shall any differential amount be refunded if this alteration leads to a lesser rental cost.

    • Cancellations received with 5 days or more notice, will be refunded in full less any bank refund charges.
    • Cancellations received with less than 3 days notice is subject to a 50% cancellation fee of the amount paid + any bank refund charges
    • Cancellations with less than 48hrs OR Failure to arrive / No Show is subject to a 100% cancellation fee of the amount paid
    Cancellations can be made online or in writing and must be addressed to: Kings Rent A Car, Contact Centre, 50, Ramya Mawatha, Subuthipura, Battaramulla, 10120, Sri Lanka.
    WhatsApp: +94777739492 , Email: [email protected]

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