North Western
6.73 km2 (6.46 sq mi)
189 KM


The land of blue sapphires and rubies, Ratnapura, is at the centre of Sri Lanka’s gem mining activities. This humid and rain-drenched city was known throughout history for being the starting point from where the pilgrimage to Adam’s Peak begins.


Travel to Ratnapura

  • Airport
  • Negombo
  • Dankotuwa
  • Marawila
  • Madampe
  • Chilaw
  • Bangadeniya
  • Madurankuli
  • Palaviya
  • Kalpitiya

Sinharaja Rainforest A world heritage and biodiversity hotspot, Sinharaja is home to some of the rare, endemic species found nowhere else on the globe. Visitors to this pristine forests are allowed only on foot. You may begin your journey from either of the entrances at Deniyaya Mederipitiya to the East or Kudawa to the North.


Adam’s Peak Trek towards the summit of Adam’s Peak. Be prepared for 4-hour long hike through six thousand odd steps before you reach the summit. The view from the top would perhaps be one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences from your stay in Sri Lanka.


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