North Western
6.73 km2 (6.46 sq mi)
189 KM


Witness ancient ruins that echo the grandiosity and astonishing feats of architectural marvels from a bygone era in Polonnaruwa. A World Heritage City, this historic city has much to offer in the temple ruins, stupas, colossal Buddha statues alone. Make sure to have a day extra to explore the Royal Palace ruins alone!


Travel to Polonnaruwa

  • Airport
  • Negombo
  • Dankotuwa
  • Marawila
  • Madampe
  • Chilaw
  • Bangadeniya
  • Madurankuli
  • Palaviya
  • Kalpitiya

Sigiriya A fine example of urban planning from the ancient times, the Sigiriya is fabled for its mirror wall, frescoes of dancing nymphs & water garden, all carved out from a single rock. Take the trek up this engineering feat to experience the beauty of a historic city and the breathtaking green vista that rolls below.


Minneriya National Park Catch the earth’s largest animal bask in the sunlight & play in the mud at the water holes in the Minneriya National Park. Be prepared to witness one of the largest known gathering of wild Asian elephants at a single site!


Gal Viharaya Carved from a monolithic granite rock, the Gal Viharaya is a cluster of Buddha statues, noted for the fine craftsmanship of the artisans from the era. Take note of the striations of rock sedimentation running across its smooth contours.


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