North Western
6.73 km2 (6.46 sq mi)
189 KM


Mirissa offers the ultimate beach stay with all night long music, dance and good vibes. Let the days slip by as you swing on a hammock, soaking in the blast of salt spray coming from the sea.


Travel to Mirissa

  • Airport
  • Negombo
  • Dankotuwa
  • Marawila
  • Madampe
  • Chilaw
  • Bangadeniya
  • Madurankuli
  • Palaviya
  • Kalpitiya

Mirissa Beach Mirissa is by far one of the most crowded and vibrant beaches in Sri Lanka. The great food joints and ample sunshine makes it a fantastic spot to relax and enjoy a lazy afternoon while you sip on a refreshing drink of coconut water.


Whale Watching Watch the largest mammals on the earth, swim through the waters of the Indian Ocean. Mirissa offers day trips into the sea where you not only get to see these fantastic creatures in their natural habitat but also learn to identify each from as they come crashing upon the ocean’s surface.


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