North Western
6.73 km2 (6.46 sq mi)
189 KM


Known as the last standing capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy is home to the sacred Temple of the Tooth. Surrounded by acres of tea plantations amidst continuous chains of hills, this city is doused in colonial history & religion, is only a three-hour ride from the capital.


Travel to Kandy Take the Kandy Road Via Colombo 9

  • Airport
  • Negombo
  • Dankotuwa
  • Marawila
  • Madampe
  • Chilaw
  • Bangadeniya
  • Madurankuli
  • Palaviya
  • Kalpitiya

Temple of the Tooth A World Heritage Site, the Temple of the Tooth is a highly venerated temple complex dedicated to the tooth relic of Buddha. Learn about the Buddhist culture across the globe, on your visit to pay homage to the most revered city in Sri Lanka.


British Garrison Cemetery The resting place of many British officials from the 1800s the Garrison Cemetry is frozen in time as a memory of Sri Lanka’s colonial past and the gravestone architecture from the period.


Kandy Lake Popular today for quite strolls, this 200-year old lake was created by converting a paddy field. Look out for the sun setting by this beautiful lake on an evening in Kandy.


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