Vehicle Types


For those who want to rent a car in Colombo, Kings Rent A Car guarantees utmost convenience as we provide our customers with a wide range of vehicles promising comfort and luxury at the most affordable rates.

Large SUV

With greater cargo and passenger space, customers can enjoy a safe and comfortable drive.


Equipped with all wheel drive options for on or off road abilities, mid-sized SUVs have a better fuel efficiency than their larger counterparts. Ideal for the city as well as long trips.

Luxury Sedan

Has a more powerful engine than compact cars, a large trunk and enough space to accommodate five adults in comfort.

Large Sedan

With economical engines, large sedans provide a comfortable ride and are ideal for the city as well as long distance journeys.

Midsize Sedan

Has a better fuel efficiency than its larger counterparts and is also capable of accommodating five adults. A great choice for city travel.

Compact car

The perfect choice for city travel with better fuel efficiency than its larger counterparts. Recommended for small families and drivers of all ages.

Large Estate

A great choice for long journeys since they possess a larger trunk space and spacious seating for five. It is less fuel efficient than its smaller counterparts.

Multi Purpose Vehicle / Minivan

If you are traveling in a large group or have a lot luggage to haul around, our Minivans or Multi Purpose Vehicles are ideal to keep your costs down and travel comfortably.

Green / Low Emission Vehicles

Are you an Eco-concious traveller? Then our environmentally friendly Hybrid vehicles will be an ideal choice for you.