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Kings Rent-A-Car (Pvt) Ltd

Kings Rent-A-Car (Pvt) Ltd is a 100% Sri Lankan owned company that has been incorporated as a limited liability company in December 1994. The company commenced operations in 1985 as a partnership, but due to the rapid expansion of operations and market share, it was incorporated as a limited liability company. We were also a pioneer member in the formation of the RACA (Rent-A-Car Association) in Sri Lanka and Mr. Kishan Perera has been the Managing Director of KRCS while also serving as president of the RACA Sri Lanka.

The company is one of the largest car rental service providers in Sri Lanka. Rent a Car services such as chauffeur driven or self-drive and a 24 hour road side assistance service is available at Kings Rent A Car Colombo.

KRCS possess 100% ownership of all vehicles and we do not hire, rent or operate any third party vehicles. Our vehicle fleet is around 200 vehicles with a staff of more than 50 personnel mainly comprising of drivers, mechanics, operational and clerical staff.

Further to strengthen our capabilities we also have a well-organized IN HOUSE back-office structure to serve our clients in a manner that reflects our reputation. Our services also comprise of an efficient outsourcing structure consisting of Maintenance Service Centers and Fuel Filling stations located in Colombo as well as in other major cities such as Kandy, Galle, Kurunegala, Anuradhapura, Trincomalee and Jaffna. This network is available to our clients and provides an effective and efficient service in order to expedite operational difficulties.

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Active Vacations Lanka

The Incorporation of Active Vacations Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. This company was formed with the approval of the Tourist Board in order to compete in the ever-growing tourism sector, which has taken an exponential growth since the development of the peace process.

The primary target of Active Vacations is to provide eco-friendly and adventure-based tour packages. For more information visit www.activevacationslanka.com.


Why choose Kings Rent-A-Car Service?

At Kings we ONLY operate our own fleet. Here's why;


Majority of car rental companies re-hire third party vehicles, this can be noted when you see the name on the Insurance certificate and road tax disc displayed on the window. The risks to this are as follows;

  • Vehicle can be up for re-possession if the "actual owner" has not been paying his/her vehicle mortgage. Therefore the user is at the risk of having his/her rental vehicle re-possessed during the rental period causing much inconvenience.
  • Insurance coverage may be compromised. Renting without adequate insurance covers, including rent-a-car cover, personal injury cover and even sometime without comprehensive collision cover can leave the user with a unlimited liability in the eventuality of an accident.
  • Grand Theft Auto - vehicle theft is on the rise in Sri Lanka, and the added risk of renting a stolen vehicle becomes more probable. The user or even the rental operator may not know that the third party re-rented vehicle might be a stolen one. There by the end user will become legally involved in a criminal activity without his/her knowledge.


Re-hired third party vehicles are less likely to have stringent safety checks done prior to delivery usage. Substandard maintenance, inferior parts and non-professional care all increases the risk of vehicle breakdowns and accidental damages.


Re-hired vehicles are also likely to suffer from poor quality. With its owners and "Rental Agents" trying to keep cost low and their margins high will compromise on vehicle cleanliness and hygiene, maintenance, tire thread and appearance. The lack of professional staff to handle your needs and provide you with a vehicle and a service that you may find substandard.

All these factors added up will only make your travel plans and holiday a miserable one.

Avoid these critical pitfalls and rent with a professional car rental fleet from Kings Rent A Car with its FULLY OWNED and OPERATED vehicle fleet with professional care that is matching International standards of rental services.